Join the Mom Approved Travel Tream

Mom Approved Travel is seeking motivated individuals to join our team of Travel Professionals who have a passion of travel, details and helping families make memories!

Family smiling enjoying Walt Disney World
Photo of Hogwarts Castle and sign for Hogsmeade located in Universal Studios Florida

Have you been thinking about becoming a Travel Agent who specializes in Disney destinations, cruising or family vacations?

Chances are, you are here because someone told you you would make a great Disney Travel Agent, a cruise planner or maybe you have been dreaming about becoming a Travel Agent for a while.

Are you wanting to become a Travel Agent for the first time?

This page is our application page, and is not for you JUST yet.
I don’t want you to apply without considering if we are RIGHT for you, or if you are RIGHT for the industry. Starting a new profession should not be taken lightly.

This may sound a little harsh, but if you are looking for a side hustle, this is not the profession for you.
Can you be a Travel Agent part-time? There are some that do; but there is a BIG difference between a hobby or side hustle and a 20-30 hour part-time professional. MAT Clients entrust us with thousands of their hard-earned dollars, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Read about what we are looking for in a Mom Approved Travel Advisor, by clicking below and then come back to apply if you feel you may be a good fit.

Are you and experienced Travel Professional looking for a new Agency?

If you have experience as a Travel Professional, we will always review an application and make room at our table if we believe the fit is a good one. We know all agencies are run a little differently, so it may benefit you to review what it looks like to be a Mom Approved Travel Advisor and some of the basic information about our agency. We are smaller on purpose, and intentional with our IC and supplier partnerships.

Mom Approved Travel is a boutique Travel Agency that specializes in family vacations. We have a special passion for planning trips to Disney destinations like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Orlando Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Sandals and Beaches and so many more!

Maybe you came into this industry, and your needs have changed. Maybe you came into this industry and the support or environment wasn’t quite as you expected. Maybe you didn’t know what you didn’t know until you knew. Maybe you were told you HAD to sell supplier X, or maybe you just REALLY like hot pink.

  • We work a little differently in a collaborative, TEAM environment.
  • This is an Independent Contractor Position.
  • You can work from home with a flexible schedule you set.
  • We offer training and continual support.
  • We are reliable and pay on time.
  • We believe in making decisions and recommendations based on our CLIENT’S best interests-  not our own, or a supplier.
  • Our Agency culture is VERY important, and a positive, encourager, no-drama mindset is imperative to be part of Mom Approved Travel.
  • We have internal learning, supplier training and FAM opportunities.
  • We do provide leads, but you should come with your clientele.
  • Ethics and professionalism matter to us.
  • You get out of it what you put into it, and will be solely commission based with fair and above industry average commission splits. You will set your potential.

We know you have more questions, and we will be happy to answer those in our initial call, or via email. We do not recruit from other agencies, but if are looking for a new home, you can absolutely apply. We understand changing agencies can feel scary, but if you are a good fit we will try to make it as easy as possible for you so you can thrive. We have worked amicably with other agencies to transition IC’s to our agency, and have supported those who have transitioned from less than ideal situations as well. We have also recommended applicants to another agency we felt were a better fit elsewhere, because we believe in lifting the industry as a whole.

At Mom Approved Travel, we are Professional Travel Advisors – not Travel Agents

It may seem like a silly detail, but there is a big difference between being a Travel Agent and Travel Advisor. We use the terms interchangeably for consumers, but there is a very distinct difference. Several years ago, ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors began working on advocating the change of nomenclature as the industry role and responsibilities had changed to be so much more than than a transactional experience. In 2020, this distinction was made VERY clear.

The titles Travel Consultant, Travel Concierge or Travel Advisor are a much better representation of what we do versus simply a Travel Agent. This is not an easy career, and is one definitely not for the faint of heart – which is why it does not make a good “side hustle” or hobby. You are entrusted with investing a clients hard earned dollars into memorable vacations, and your clients deserve the respect a Travel Advisor will give. It looks easy on social media, but this career is not for everyone.

Are you ready to start your Travel Advisor journey with Mom Approved Travel?

If you are, please apply below: