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If you have been looking for a Travel Agent to help you sail without the kids on a Virgin Voyage, you have found the experts!

We know you love your children, and love taking the kids one vacations; but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a vacation without them! Virgin Voyages has an adult exclusive approach to cruising, and is a great choice for sailing for sailing with your adult children, girls trips, or getting away on a romantic cruise for 2! All Virgin Voyages cruisers must be 18 or over. No exceptions, it is an exclusively adult cruise line.

With its luxurious service,  incredible dining, beautiful stateroom options, a wide array of lively or chill entertainment options, a variety of onboard activities, and exciting port excursions, a Virgin Voyages Cruise has everything you need for a fun, relaxing, luxurious  cruise experience for your crew!

At Mom Approved Travel, one of our core beliefs is Moms should get a vacation too. What that means is, Mom should actually enjoy going on vacation – she should not be stressing or spending her precious time worrying about which ship activities will suit her best or what is icluded in her cruise, how best to navigate the Virgin Voyages app, spending hours researching all the packing things, or making sure she doesn’t miss important payment, activity or check-in deadlines. Mom can spend her time and energy elsewhere when she partners with Mom Approved Travel to book her kid-free Virgin Voyages cruise!

That core belief is why we plan Virgin Voyages cruises a little differently. Our personalized Virgin Voyages planning approach is crafted to protect the precious time and hard-earned travel dollars of overwhelmed Moms (and Dads). Unique Mom Approved processes allow you to focus on the fun and spend less time worrying about or messing with the logistical details of your cruise- we take care of those for you!

We utilize our relationship with Virgin Voyages to ensure our clients have the best possible experience. Our connections allow us access to dedicated support, education, tools, and more to enhance your Virgin Voyages vacation. Your people are unique, which is why it is important to have a Mom Approved Travel Advisor that understands this and will curate a Virgin Voyage cruise vacation for your unique interests, needs and vibe!

Take a peek below at one of our FAVORITE and funny Virgin Voyages commercials below: 

Why book a
Virgin Voyages Cruise with Mom Approved Travel?

We help busy Moms plan Virgin Voyages cruises for families.

Booking a Virgin Voyages Cruise with Mom Approved Travel

With a powerful combination of experience, expertise and connections, Mom Approved Travel will take away the overwhelm of planning a Virgin Voyages cruise vacation so you can focus on the fun!

It is important to know we are Professional Travel Advisors, not order takers. We will take the time to find out your needs and get to know more about you. Every Travel Advisor at Mom Approved Travel believes vacation memories are priceless. Your cruise is not simply a transaction to us, we are invested in making sure you have the ideal Virgin Voyages cruise experience for you.

We are extremely knowledgeable about the latest Virgin Voyages cruise ships. We invest a lot of time in continued education for all of the port destinations from the Caribbean to Europe and beyond, we leverage our first-hand experience and our Advisors are always current on the highest levels of training offered by Virgin Voyages.

We will help you make the most of your time before, during, and even after your trip! Sailing out of Miami? We have fantastic pre-cruise stay hotel options for you! Sailing out of Europe? We have great pre and post cruise itineraries that await you! We will:

  • Save you hours of research by narrowing down your options based on your needs, accommodation preferences and dream cruise wishlists
  • Find a convenient departure port
  • Pick the best Virgin Voyages ship for you
  • Choose a sailing with an ideal port itinerary
  • Select the best dates to accommodate your schedule and budget
  • Secure the ideal cabin type and location for you
  • Recommend not to miss onboard specialty dining options
  • Handle and pre and post cruise stays for you
  • Assist with transportation and transfers
  • Save you time by acting as your dedicated customer service contact and advocate – we will be the ones to sit on hold with Virgin Voyages and work to sort out any issues, questions, or discrepancies

Mom Approved Travel will help you plan a stress-free, fun and Mom Approved, Virgin cruise for you! Your needs and travel style is unique, which is why it is important to have a Travel Advisor that understands and will curate a Virgin Voyages cruise vacation for you that is as individual as your people are!

Why do we love Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages sailings are perfect for girlfriend getaway trips!

Mom Approved Travel loves Virgin Voyages cruises
Cruising with Virgin Voyages means you can relax and have fun while being whisked from ports of call as you enjoy everything a Virgin Voyage Cruise has to offer: absolutely incredible dining, luxury amenities, beautiful  accommodations, and a wide variety of sea day activities. Virgin Voyages is an incredible value that includes SO MUCH so you won’t feel nickel and dimed, which adds to the vacation vibe!

There is fun, relaxation, and flexibility for everyone
There is such a wide variety of activities onboard a Virgin Voyages Cruise ship for every vibe. From the poolside to trivia games, group fitness classes, captivating shows, Bingo, comedy shows, casino, spa experiences, live music, fitness center, and everywhere in between, there are activities to keep the fun going and detox (or retox) as long as you want! There is a strong focus on wellness with Virgin’s incredible spa, lounges, yoga classes and your balcony hammock that offer quiet spaces to relax and unwind.

Location! Location! Location!
With Virgin Voyages homeport in Miami, there is a wide variety of sailings available there – but Virgin Voyages ships cruise visit ports all over the world. With a wide variety of Caribbean and European port destinations and incredible transatlantic voyages on Virgin Voyages itineraries, there is a sailing for pretty much everyone! Here are a few of our favorite Virgin Voyages destination ports:

  • The Beach Club, Bimini
  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • St. Lucia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Curacao
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Rome, Italy
  • Lisbon, Spain

…and so many more!

What about Dining on a Virgin Voyages cruise?

With all of the dining options available, you will never go hungry or have a hard time finding a snack!

Why we really love the Virgin Voyages cruise dining experience

No matter what you are craving, no matter what mood you are in, or what time of day it is, a Virgin Voyage has something delicious to eat and you can do it YOUR way!

With over 20 eateries available, there is no need for buffets or big dining halls. You get to follow your mood, not a schedule!

Dining is one of the areas where Virgin Voyages truly stands out – its gastronomic experiences are signed by a jaw-dropping Michelin-starred chef collective and just won Best Dining on Cruise Critic Editors’ Picks Awards in both the US and the UK.

Some dining options are available with reservations prior to boarding, but the most important thing to remember is absolutely all dining options are included from steak to late night pizza to adventurous bites at the Test Kitchen.

Don’t worry, even the pickiest of eaters can find something delicious, and you can rest easy knowing Virgin has great options for those with food allergies and special dietary needs, as they offer a variety of special dietary menus as well!

Will I enjoy a Virgin Voyage Cruise?

The Thermal Suite Lounge allows for relaxation in a space to soothe all the senses.


Virgin Voyages is a cruise line exclusively for adults

The age mix of Virgin Voyages sailors ranges from 20’s -80’s, with the average age of cruiser in their late 40’s and early 50’s. With Virgin Voyages, its more about attitude and outlook instead of your age.

On Virgin Voyages, you will see couples enjoying a getaway, groups of friends, and multi-generational families with adult children onboard. You will see sailors celebrating girlfriend getaways, anniversaries, the end of baseball season and everything in between. You will see couples, singles and groups of friends. No matter how you like to unwind, if you like to relax by the pool, lounge in the spa, enjoy tasty bites or dance at midnight, you will find your vibe on a Virgin Voyage.

If we had to sum up the vibe in a sentence, it would probably be: casually luxurious without the fancy dress codes and an all-inclusive feel. So much is included, truly. Even the wifi.

Still wondering what to expect on a Virgin Voyages cruise?
Tasty food. Check.
Top-notch entertainment. Check.
Wifi. Check.
Gratuities. Check.
FOMO inducing photo spots. Check.
Group exercise classes. Check.
Scarlet Night. Check.
Essential beverages (includes sodas and sparkling water). Check.
Friendly, luxurious service. Check.

Did you say spa? Yes please!
Virgin Voyages really understands the concept of wellness and how important the spa experience is. The Thermal Spa has a wide variety of experiences including a mud room, salt room, sauna, steam room, hot and cold plunge pools, and heated marble hammam benches.

professional Travel Agent extending hand to shake after agreeing to work together on planning a vacation

Are you Ready to
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How to work with a Mom Approved Virgin Voyages Travel Advisor Expert

You have decided you want to cruise on Virgin Voyages.
You have decided you want to use an experienced, trusted Virgin Voyages Cruise Planner at Mom Approved Travel.
Now what?

Working with a Mom Approved Travel Advisor to plan your VV sailing is easy, promise! You can now rest easy knowing our team is made up of avid cruisers who maintain the highest levels of training for Virgin Voyages.

If you already have a MAT Travel Advisor, or you know who you would like to use, fill out our quote request and choose their name from the dropdown menu.

If you are not sure which MAT Travel Advisor you would like to work with, or if you are looking for a Virgin Voyages cruise Travel Agent near you:
(though it is not necessary to use someone close to you) simply:
1) visit our MAT Team page to meet our Travel Advisors, OR
2) fill out our quote request and choose “surprise me” from the drop-down menu and we will match you with a MAT Advisor and Virgin Voyages Travel Agent expert to fit your family best based on your responses.