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Plan the adventure of a lifetime with Adventures By Disney

Delight in the most incredible family vacation you will ever experience and gain memories of a lifetime with Adventures by Disney®, a leader in guided group family travel. Your Disney Adventure Guides will be your storytellers as they show you the way, along with local experts taking you to exciting bucket list destinations you want to visit!

Your family is unique, which is why it is important to have a Mom Approved Travel Advisor that understands this and will plan an incredible Adventures By Disney vacation for your family unique to their interests, needs, wishes and travel love language!

Plan a Mom Approved Adventures By Disney Trip

Mom should get a vacation too.

At Mom Approved Travel, one of our core beliefs is Moms should get a Disney vacation too

What that means is, Mom should actually enjoy going on a family vacation – she should not be stressing about transportation transfers or spending her precious time worrying about excursions her kids will enjoy, how best to navigate culturally engaging activities, spending hours researching all the packing things, or making sure she doesn’t miss important payment, activity or check-in deadlines.

This is one of the reason we absolutely, positively LOVE planning Adventures By Disney vacations.

When Mom hires Mom Approved Travel, she can spend her time and energy elsewhere, as MAT and Adventures By Disney take care of every detail!

What is Adventures By Disney?

We help busy Moms and families plan incredible Adventures By Disney vacations all over the world.

If you have experienced Disney Cruise Line or Walt Disney World, you might be wondering what exactly is Adventures by Disney®? The short answer: an entirely different vacation than what you have experienced before.  Adventures by Disney® are culturally immersive, guided group tours of destinations around the world. If you find yourself fascinated by or drawn to learning about other cultures, Adventures by Disney offers you travel opportunities you will never forget! 

These once-in-a-lifetime culturally immersive experiences are authentic and tailored to help you engage directly with other people, cultures, and traditions. You’ll be accompanied by Disney Adventure Guides to help you get a “behind the scenes” insider experience without worrying about any details, language barriers or cultural missteps.

There are a few different ways to see the world with Adventures By Disney through:

  • Escapes (shorter than traditional adventures)
  • Land Adventures
  • Small Ship Adventures
  • Private Jet Adventures
  • Adult Exclusive Adventures
Traveling with Adventures by Disney means being fully immersed in your story, without the typical hassles or worries associated with world travel.

What make Adventures By Disney so special?

Share the world with your children in a way only Adventures By Disney can do.

Adventure Guides
Incredible storytelling with in-depth local knowledge, Disney-trained Adventure Guides, who are essentially the ULTIMATE Cast Member, will ensure every single detail of your trip is attended to. 

This includes everything from checking you into your hotels to recommending local dining options and not-to-be missed experiences. Your Adventure Guides will help you foster a lasting connection with every destination and create a seamless experience from destination to destination.

You will go beyond visiting an attraction or seeing the sights—you become part of the local story. Adventures By Disney has handpicked local experts who will also accompany your and Adventure Guides as they share their personal stories and knowledge, immersing you in the vibrant cultures, customs, rich traditions and daily life of the people and places you visit. You will have a unique and authentic experience only Disney can provide.

Truly Hassle-Free Travel
Wherever in the world your travels take you, absolutely everything is handles for you. Transportation, transfers, baggage handling and activity fees during your trip are taken care of, so you and your group can relax and enjoy an amazing adventure in the destination you have been dreaming of.

VIP Experiences & Insider Access
This is one of the BEST ways to experience some of the most iconic destinations. An Adventures by Disney vacation is your “backstage pass” to the world. Our guided group vacations offer insider access for unique behind-the-scenes glimpses into places you can’t believe. 

Your Adventure guides know how to avoid the crowds and deliver an experience only Disney can make happen!

Magical Moments
You won’t find theme-park character meets on this adventure, but you will have the magic with you when you travel with Adventures by Disney. Magical Moments are an integral part of the Disney culture and there are fun surprises along the way that make every trip extra special.

What are Adventures By Disney Escapes?

Eiffel Tower in Paris seen on an Adventures By Disney trip

Adventures By Disney Escapes are perfect for short trips or as an additional component of a longer vacation.

Adventures by Disney Escapes are shorter adventures, typically 2-5 days long so you you can still explore adventures around the globe when you are short on time! Adventures by Disney Escapes make an incredible standalone vacation, but they can also be enjoyed as an add-on to an Adventure By Disney river cruise or Disney Cruise Line vacation. 

You can experience a private viewing of the crown jewels in London, a private tour of the Louvre in Paris, experience an Amazonian River Boat in Quito, or walk the footsteps of Walt and visit Walt’s apartment in Southern California.

Itineraries for Adventures by Disney Escapes destinations vary but have also included Wyoming, Rome, Buenos Aires, and more. Adventures by Disney also offers these in incredible short Escapes in Europe, South America and North America, offering 2-5 day trips for when you need a quick break, or would like to enhance another vacation.

One of our favorite Adventures By Disney Escapes is the Disneyland Resort and Southern California Escape includes:

  • A Walt Disney Imagineering Tour to see how the magic is made
  • An exclusive visit to Walt Disney’s Disneyland Apartment
  • A Private tour of the Walt Disney Studios
  • A tour of the Walt Disney Studios & Archives Reading Room
  • and more!

Let Mom Approved Travel bring your Adventures by Disney Escape to life –  start your Adventures By Disney escape here.

What are Adventures By Disney Land Adventures?

We help busy Moms and families plan memorable Adventures By Disney Land Adventures vacations.

Land Adventures by Adventure by Disney will change the way you travel forever.

Disney’s Land Adventures is a  small group travel experience where you will experience incredible destinations with an array of amenities, access to special events and cultural experiences, outstanding accommodations and 2 Disney Adventure Guides who will ensure your trip is absolutely hassle-free.

There are shared activities available and appropriate for the whole family; but there is usually a night where one of your Adventure Guides will entertain and delight the kids in a separate activity like a Junior Adventurer scavenger hunt to make sure you get a few hours without the kids – a date night in a dreamy destination? Yes, please!

Land Adventures will give you an insider’s view of awe-inspiring locations across the world, from storybook castles in Germany, to the beauty of Grand Canyon National Park, the Pyramids at Giza, the Mekong River, the blue waters of the Aegean Sea in Santorini, and more!

Each Land Adventure will have no more than 45 guests, extroverts and introverts will both enjoy the experience and two private Adventure Guides will make sure you and your family have absolute everything you need, during your culturally immersive Adventure By Disney vacation.

Let Mom Approved Travel bring your Adventures by Disney Land Adventure to life – start your Land Adventure with Adventures By Disney here.

What are Adventures By Disney Small Ship Adventures?

Small Ship Adventures By Adventures By Disney take you to incredible destinations.

Small Ship Adventures from Adventures By Disney offer a trip of a lifetime experience with Expedition and River Cruise options to experience destinations and activities only a small ship can reach!

These small ship adventures are curated in partnership with Ponant, GoGalapagos, and Ama Waterways and more to elevate an already incredible experience with the Disney difference. 

You will enjoy close-up access to spectacular locations as well as delectable cuisine, premium excursions for all ages, Disney-trained Adventure Guides and the world-class service
you expect from Disney—ensuring unparalleled convenience and value on each small ship adventure.

You can experience the Abbey featured in The Sound of Music or the German Christmas Markets on a Danube River Cruise,  you can experience a Tulip Season River Cruise or explore the Galapagos Islands with an Expedition Cruise.

Let Mom Approved Travel bring your Adventures by Disney Small Ship Adventure to fruition  – start your Small Ship Adventure with Adventures By Disney here.

What are Adventures By Disney Private Jet Adventures?

For the ultimate vacation, take a Private Jet Adventure with Adventures By Disney.

For those who want the absolute ultimate vacation, Adventures By Disney offers a Private Jet Adventure unlike anything you have ever experienced.

You will explore the world in a truly unique way only Adventures By Disney could do. From the moment you board the VIP-configured private jet, operated by Icelandair, the dedicated flight crew, your Adventure Guides, Adventure Leaders and Host, will ensure that your vacation is hassle-free and full of adventure for everyone—both on land and in the air.

And whether you’re exploring the attractions in Shanghai Disneyland, taking a behind-the-magic tour at the Walt Disney Studios or standing in awe of the Great Pyramids of Giza, your Adventures by Disney Private Jet Adventure will be like your personal backstage pass to the world, giving you unprecedented access to unique opportunities and spectacular events. Plus, you’ll enjoy world-class amenities and exceptional service at the outstanding accommodations you’ll call home throughout your trip.

Let Mom Approved Travel bring your ultimate vacation dreams come true and  start the conversation about your Adventures By Disney Private Jet Adventure here.

What are Adventures By Disney Adult Exclusive Adventures?

 Adventures By Disney vacations offers Adult Exclusive itineraries.

If you are looking for an luxurious, Adventures By Disney vacation to celebrate an anniversary , spend your honeymoon, you are a teacher needing a break from kiddos or if you would simply like to spend your vacation with activities exclusively catered for adults, we can explore the Adult-exclusive itineraries Adventures By Disney offers for you! 

There are unique departures for many of the incredible Adventures By Disney itineraries that are reserved exclusively for adults age 18 and over where you can experience wine tastings,
 foodie-centric experiences, lessons, and more culturally immersive experiences!

Mom Approved Travel will guide you to the kid-free vacation of your dreams, start your journey here.

How do you work with a
Mom Approved
Adventures By Disney
Expert Travel Advisor?

You have decided you want to experience the world in a way only
Adventures By Disney can do.
You have decided you want to use an experienced, trusted Disney trip Planner at Mom Approved Travel, an Authorized Disney Planner agency to make a good experience, incredible.
Now what?

Working with a Mom Approved Travel Advisor to plan your Adventures By Disney Vacation is easy, promise! You can now rest easy knowing our team is made up of avid, active travelers who maintain the highest levels of training for Adventures By Disney.

The very first step is to fill out a Disney Trip Interest form. If you already have a MAT Travel Advisor, or you know who you would like to use, fill out our quote request and choose their name from the dropdown menu.

If you are not sure which MAT Travel Advisor you would like to work with, or if you are looking for an Adventures By Disney Travel agent near you:

visit our MAT Team page to meet our Travel Advisors
fill out our quote request and choose “surprise me”
from the dropdown menu and we will match you
with a MAT Advisor who will fit your family best based on your responses.

Authorized Disney vacation Planner logo signaling agency is an EarMarked Travel Agency with Disney destinations

Mom Approved Travel
Adventures By Disney

Booking your Adventures By Disney vacation with a Mom Approved Travel Advisor is complimentary when your adventure is booked with or transferred to us. There are no hidden fees working with Mom Approved Travel.

If you have already booked your Adventures By Disney trip with Disney, depending on the circumstances we MAY be able to transfer it to the agency to allow your Advisor to assist without a fee.

Booking your Disney trip through Mom Approved Travel means you get dedicated access to a Professional Travel Planner who specializes in Disney Destinations and Adventures By Disney who can tailor a trip for your family.

To get started, simply fill out our QUOTE REQUEST FORM and one of our Advisors will contact you for a quick complimentary consultation.

Absolutely! MAT Advisors are experienced understanding and setting up families with a wide range of special needs for success. Some of our Travel Advisors have backgrounds in special education, special needs in their own families, or hold certifications from IBCCES. 

Whether it is dietary restrictions, physical handicap, neuro-divergent challenges, cognitive disabilities, hearing or visual disabilities, service animal travel or beyond, your MAT Advisor has the knowledge and expertise to make your trip as comfortable as possible, so everyone can enjoy the magic!

Absolutely! While our core clientele are families, we absolutely assist clients in adult only trips to Disney, Honeymoons, Anniversary trips, girlfriend getaways and more.

Payment terms and conditions are set by the supplier, in this case, Disney Travel Company.

If you are booking an Adventures By Disney Vacation package before the final payment is due (90-120 days depending on the adventure), you only need to pay a deposit to hold your trip.

Adventures By Disney vacation packages require a 10-15% deposit when booking your vacation, with the remainder due 90-120 days prior to your trip, depending on the type of Adventure By Disney Vacation you are planning.

Your Mom Approved Travel Advisor monitors your reservations for promos and will apply them IF they save you money. Sometimes promotions do not apply to all dates, room types or are released on the same date as a price increase. Your MAT Advisor has your back and will make sure you get the best value for your hard earned vacation dollars.

Your payments will be processed into The Walt Disney Travel Company secure payment portals by your Travel Advisor. The agency does not hold or deposit any of your vacation package funds into our company account.

The Walt Disney Travel Company accepts most major credit cards, Chase Disney Visa, Disney Gift Cards.

Any charges to your credit card will show up as a charge from the supplier, and not Mom Approved Travel.

Booking early is a great idea, as you can lock-in pricing and have the best choices for itinerary availability. It is smart to book early!

Mom Approved Travel Advisors maintain wait lists for itineraries if your dates are not released yet.


We can pull off some serious last-minute Disney travel, but will be restricted by availability and waitlist availability.
Our MAT Agency record, the client left for Walt Disney World the NEXT day.

While we prefer more than a day’s notice, we can work magic with most timeframes.

Don’t worry about last minute dining, we can help you through all of it. Reach out to an MAT Advisor and start packing!

There is no “perfect” age to see the world. Many of the Adventures available will have a recommended age of at least 5-6 years, with several that are in the 8-10 year old range.

Each family, and each child is a little different which is why it is best to talk to a MAT Travel Advisor about YOUR situation and the options available for you.

Funny thing, that “certified Disney Travel Agent” term gets tossed around quite a bit- but no such term legally exists.

There are strict regulations set forth by Disney what Travel Advisors and Travel Agencies can call themselves in the legal mumbo jumbo. Believe us, you WANT a Professional Travel Advisor who understands terms & conditions well! Certified Disney Travel Agent is not one of them.

However, Mom Approved Travel is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We EARNED this designation given to us by Disney. All of our Travel Advisors are Graduates of the Disney College of Knowledge. Our Advisors hold various certifications through travel industry associations with the highest professional standards.

When you book with Mom Approved Travel, you are hiring a trustworthy Travel Professional who specializes in Disney destinations.