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Planning an Aulani trip doesn't have to be overwhelming or complicated

Our personalized, Mom Approved Aulani Resort planning approach is expertly crafted to protect the precious time and hard-earned travel dollars of overwhelmed Moms and Dads. Our unique Mom Approved processes allow you to focus on the fun and spend less time worrying about the logistical details of your Aulani Resort and Spa Hawaiian trip.

Your family is unique, which is why it is important to have a Mom Approved Travel Advisor that understands this and will curate an Aulani Resort vacation for your family unique to their interests, needs, wishes and travel love language!

Plan your Mom Approved Aulani Trip

Why book an
Aulani Resort Trip with Mom Approved Travel?

We help busy Moms and families plan Aulani Resort & Spa vacations.

Mom Approved Travel Advisors are Aulani Resort and Spa Experts.
With a powerful combination of experience, expertise and connections, Mom Approved Travel will take away the overwhelm of planning an Aulani Resort and Spa Hawaiian vacation so you can focus on the fun! We are extremely knowledgeable about all of the the latest Aulani offerings and resort updates, we invest a lot of time in continued education, and leverage our extensive first-hand experience to make your Aulani Resort experience a great one.

There is no single “best” way to do Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa; but THERE IS a best way for YOUR family to do an Aulani trip!
Each family comes to us with unique needs, dates, budgets and wishlists. This is why we take the time to find out your needs and get to know more about your family so we can plan a Hawaiian vacation curated specific to you. It is important to know we are Professional Travel Advisors, not order takers. Your Aulani Resort and Spa tropical vacation is not simply a transaction to us, and we are invested in making sure you have the ideal Aulani Resort and Hawaiian vacation experience for your family.

Mom Approved Travel is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.
Our partnership with Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa is very strong. We are an EarMarked agency and our knowledge of Disney Destinations has earned us the distinction of being named an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  We were given this special designation by Disney as a result of our ongoing focus and commitment to planning customized, magical trips to Walt Disney World®, Disneyland®, Disney Cruise Line® and other Disney vacation destinations worldwide. We utilize our relationship with Disney Destinations to ensure our client families have the best possible experience. This connection allow us access to dedicated support, education, tools, and more to enhance your Aulani vacation.


What does Mom Approved Travel assist with for a Aulani Resort & Spa vacation?

We help busy Moms and families with every aspect of planning an Aulani vacation.

Mom Approved Travel Advisors help with virtually every aspect of planning an Aulani Resort Vacation!
We specialize in planning Disney and Aulani vacations, and can handle every aspect of your trip except packing for you! Even then, we give you guidance on what to pack, and what to leave at home!

All you need to do is bring us your busy calendar, and your Mom Approved Travel Advisor will help you with absolutely every aspect from selecting the the best dates, how you’ll get there including finding the best flights, where to stay, how long to you’ll be there, where to play, where to relax and on what days, where to eat, what to bring, how to do a grocery delivery, what to pack and every tiny detail in between. We have your back so you can get back to the business of mom life.

We can absolutely plan a turnkey Aulani trip; but, some of our clients are Moms who love doing some of the planning themselves or are folks who have been visiting Hawaii for decades. We help these Moms and Dads with the areas they don’t want to mess with, act as a backup when life gets crazy and monitor their reservations for discounts. Mom Approved Travel can help with as much of the planning as you would like us to!

Luau Reservations

Dining Options

Resort Hotel Booking

Area Excursions

Travel Protection

Lei Greeting


Mom Approved Tips and Tricks

What are the planning steps in a Mom Approved Aulani Resort Vacation?

What does it look like to plan a Aulani trip step by step with Mom Approved Travel?
Planning a Disney vacation may seem overwhelming at first, but we have devised an extensive Disney Planning process that breaks down each step in smaller, more manageable “bites” to keep you from feeling overwhelmed or getting overstimulated. Many busy Moms struggle with decision fatigue after a long day, and keeping vacation planning steps small and simple helps keep it fun and stress-free! When you plan your Aulani Resort trip with Mom Approved Travel, we break down planning into 7 basic steps or phases.

Step 1: The most foundational step think about when planning a Disney Aulani vacation is, which dates work best for you and your family. Remember the best dates for YOU may not look like the best dates for your brother’s neighbor. The best dates for you may look different that what the internet says is the “best ” time to go.

All you need to do is bring us your busy family calendar, and we will work with the kids school schedules, big projects at work, anticipated crowd levels on the island and all the other things and to help you find the best time for YOUR family to go to Hawaii.

Step 2: After you have your dates, we will explore which Aulani Resort room option is best for your family. With several room categories, each with its own unique conveniences, amenities, and price points, there is an Aulani Resort and Spa room option for everyone.

Step 3: After you know when you are going, and where you are staying, the next step is to determine what activities your family should go to on which days. It is absolutely okay if you have no idea what is available and how long you should spend on resort or how long to allocate for excursions, we do!

In our consultation call, we will ask a few questions about your family’s favorite activities, anticipated thrill levels, activity levels and more to help us start curating your itinerary. We will discuss incorporating any special or Seasonal events that are available during your vacation. Remember, you don’t need to research, we will guide you through it all.

Step 4: After we have a rough schedule, we will discuss which Dining and Spa options and magical extras your family would like to experience on your vacation. With many different dining options available, we will help you narrow down the best options for your and your family’s tastes, budgets, and wishlists. We have experienced what the Aulani dining has to offer so we can best advise you on the best fit for your family. We’ve done the research (and tasted it all) so you don’t have to, we will simplify your dining choices based on your preferences. We will help you find options to fit your family’s travel love language.

Step 5: After a rough plan has come together, we will work on the logistical details for your family which may include renting strollers, ECV scooters, having groceries delivered, assisting with transportation to and from the airport, celebrating special occasions and all of the other logistical details to ensure a seamless Aulani Resort & Spa trip!

Step 6: This is where the magic really happens! We will prepare a travel guide for your family and go over all of the details with you in a pre-trip consultation. We will curate a Hawaiian  travel guide with all of your details. This comprehensive guide is made with busy moms in mind, and it highlights everything you need to know for a successful trip. This guide is designed for both the skim reader and the detail oriented Disney vacationer. It is also geared for every learning style with a mix of short videos, infographics, and text so you can know what you need to know easily. In your pre-trip call, we will make sure you are comfortable with the technology and your plans. You’ll get tips and tricks you won’t find on the internet from our extensive experience as both Moms at Disney and Professional Travel Planners (like what to do if your kiddo loses their tooth at Aulani), so you and your family will be prepped for making magical memories without feeling overwhelmed.

Step 7You get to actually ENJOY your Aulani Resort & Spa family vacation fully prepared, with your Travel Advisor only a quick text away. By choosing Mom Approved Travel to assist you with your Hawaiian Vacation, you made it possible to have a fantastic vacation with your family without stress or drama. Instead of messing with research and details, you are able to get back to business of Mom life and making memories with your family. We LOVE taking away the overwhelm of planning Disney vacations, and can’t wait to get started on yours!

How do you hire a
Mom Approved
Aulani Resort & Spa
Expert Travel Advisor?

You have decided you want to go to Hawaii and stay at the Aulani Resort and Spa.
You have decided you want to use an experienced, trusted Disney trip Planner at Mom Approved Travel, an Authorized Disney Planner agency.
Now what?

Working with a Mom Approved Travel Advisor to plan your Aulani trip is easy, promise! You can now rest easy knowing our team is made up of avid, active travelers who maintain the highest levels of training for Aulani and surrounding Oahu attractions.

The very first step is to fill out a Disney Trip Request form. If you already have a MAT Travel Advisor, or you know who you would like to use, fill out our quote request and choose their name from the dropdown menu.

If you are not sure which MAT Travel Advisor you would like to work with, or if you are looking for an Aulani Travel agent near you:

visit our MAT Team page to meet our Travel Advisors
fill out our quote request and choose “surprise me”
from the dropdown menu and we will match you
with a MAT Advisor who will fit your family best based on your responses.

Authorized Disney vacation Planner logo signaling agency is an EarMarked Travel Agency with Disney destinations

Mom Approved Travel
Aulani Vacation

Booking your Aulani vacation package with a Mom Approved Travel Advisor is complimentary for most vacation packages. There are some circumstances, such as a ticket only purchase, we may charge a service fee which will be disclosed upfront. There are no hidden fees working with Mom Approved Travel.

If you have already booked your Aulani vacation with Disney, depending on the circumstances we MAY be able to transfer it to the agency to allow your Advisor to assist without a fee.

If we are unable to transfer a vacation package or if you are staying offsite and already have tickets, we do offer a concierge planning option based on your needs.

Booking your Aulani trip through Mom Approved Travel means you get dedicated access to a Professional Travel Planner who specializes in Disney Destinations who can tailor a trip for your family.

To get started, simply fill out our QUOTE REQUEST FORM and one of our Advisors will contact you for a quick, free consultation.

Absolutely! MAT Advisors are experienced understanding and setting up families with a wide range of special needs for success. Some of our Travel Advisors have backgrounds in special education, special needs in their own families, or hold certifications from IBCCES. 

Whether it is dietary restrictions, physical handicap, neuro-divergent challenges, cognitive disabilities, hearing or visual disabilities, service animal travel or beyond, your MAT Advisor has the knowledge and expertise to make your trip as comfortable as possible, so everyone can enjoy the magic!

Absolutely! While our core clientele are families, we absolutely assist clients in adult only trips to Aulani Resort and Spa, Honeymoons, Anniversary trips, girlfriend getaways and more.

Payment terms and conditions are set by the supplier, in this case, Disney Travel Company.

If you are booking an Aulani Vacation package more than 30 days out, you only need to pay a deposit to hold your trip.

Sometimes you will be required to pay in full as required by the supplier. For example, if you are purchasing tickets a la carte, or are booking a vacation package that travels in less than 30 days. All payment requirements vary based on the supplier, but your MAT Travel Advisor can answer questions about your specific components.

Aulani vacation packages require a $400 deposit when booking your vacation, with the remainder due 30 days prior to your trip!

Your Mom Approved Travel Advisor monitors your reservations for promos and will apply them IF they save you money. Sometimes promotions do not apply to all dates, room types or are released on the same date as a price increase. Your MAT Advisor has your back and will make sure you get the best value for your hard earned vacation dollars.

Your payments will be processed into The Walt Disney Travel Company secure payment portals by your Travel Advisor. The agency does not hold or deposit any of your vacation package funds into our company account.

The Walt Disney Travel Company accepts most major credit cards, Chase Disney Visa, Disney Gift Cards.

Any charges to your credit card will show up as a charge from the supplier, and not Mom Approved Travel.

Booking early is a great idea, as you can lock-in pricing and have the best choices for resort availability. With Disney’s flexible policies and the ability to apply promos later (if they apply) – it is smart to book early!

MAT Advisors will have wait lists available if your dates are not released yet.

We can pull off some serious last-minute Disney travel!
Our Agency record, the client left the NEXT day.

While we prefer more than a day’s notice, we can work magic with most timeframes.

Reach out to an MAT Advisor and start packing!

There is no “perfect” age to take your child to Aulani. Truly.

Each family, and each child is a little different which is why it is best to talk to a Travel Advisor about YOUR situation.

Funny thing, that “certified Disney Travel Agent” term gets tossed around quite a bit- but no such term legally exists.

There are strict regulations set forth by Disney what Travel Advisors and Travel Agencies can call themselves in the legal mumbo jumbo. Believe us, you WANT a Professional Travel Advisor who understands terms & conditions well! Certified Disney Travel Agent is not one of them.

However, Mom Approved Travel is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We EARNED this designation given to us by Disney. All of our Travel Advisors are Graduates of the Disney College of Knowledge. Our Advisors hold various certifications through travel industry associations with the highest professional standards.

When you book with Mom Approved Travel, you are hiring a trustworthy Travel Professional who specializes in Disney destinations.

Every Mom Approved Travel Advisor absolutely loves planning Disney vacations, it’s our “favorite child.” (shhhhh!) However, we also book Universal theme parks, cruises, all inclusives, ski, bucket list travel like Hawaii, Alaska, and more. We have Advisors that specialize in a wide range of family and no-kids vacations, ask your MAT Advisor for more information.