I get asked often: “How do I become a Disney Travel Agent? It sounds like so much fun!”

If you are looking for information on how to become a Disney Travel Agent, it can feel a little like Fight Club trying to find information on how to get started, but I’ll try to help you understand what it takes to be a Travel Advisor at Mom Approved Travel.

Mom Approved Travel Advisors pose for group picture in front of Universal Orlando Diagon Alley while on a Universal Trip
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Travel Agents standing in front of Disneyland castle

Working as a Mom Approved Travel Agent is NOT a side hustle or hobby –  this is a Profession.

Take your time to review a more in-depth description of our program below, and if you think you have what it takes and are serious about providing the best experience to your clients, I welcome you to fill out our application here.

Before you read further, please understand we absolutely love what we do, but I want to be clear there is a LOT more work behind what you may see on social media. This may sound a little rough, this can be a part-time position, but if you are looking for a hobby or a side hustle, Mom Approved Travel is not a fit for you. There is a LOT of responsibility when you are planning precious memories for families that work hard for their money, and that responsibility (and liability) should be taken very seriously!

If you think you want to be a Travel Agent or Travel Advisor, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you have a positive, growth mindset? Negative mindsets won’t survive this industry.
  • Are you a self-motivated, business-minded professional, with a high attention to detail?
  • Do your family and friends consider you the ‘go-to person’ for Disney trip planning questions and answers?
  • Has your circle of influence told you that you should get a job as a “Disney Travel Agent”?
  • Do you have extensive, recent travel experience to Disney Destinations staying on property and/or cruising?
  • Are you able to travel once or twice a year for business?
  • Do you have exceptional written and verbal communications skills?
  • Are you a people person?
  • Are you looking for a profession, not a side hustle?
  • Do you have sales/marketing experience?
  • Are you a problem solver?
  • Are you an encourager? This is very important at MAT.
  • Do you like getting up early? Disney dining reservations are made at 5:00 am central time, but if you are reading this you should already know that.
  • Do you have a team player mentality?
  • Are you social media savvy? Does not have to be ALL of them, but knowing a minimum of 1 or 2 channels is part of marketing.
  • Do you already have a list of clients in mind that you will market your services to?
  • Do you have a good sense of humor? You’ll need it.

If you can answer YES!!! to those questions, you should keep reading.

Let’s get a few common misconceptions about being a Travel Agent or Travel Advisor out of the way:

Being a Certified Disney Travel Agent: One of the biggest red flags to tell if you see a sketchy MLM or a complete lack of training is if their agents are calling themselves “Certified Disney Travel Agents.” It’s not a thing, and its a red flag. There IS something called an EarMarked Agency (which we care) but the Agency is EarMarked, not the Agent. There are Travel Advisors who have earned a CTA designation from the highly respected Travel Institute, like myself; but this is not what people who use this term are.

One of the very first things to know is there is no such thing as a “Disney Travel Agent.” It is one of the most misused phrases out there, you would NOT be a Travel agent working for Disney. You are an independent Travel Agent (Advisor) with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Agency, like Mom Approved Travel. You would be a Travel Advisor specializing in Disney destinations, not a Disney Travel Agent. Knowing the rules, regulations and do’s/do-nots for destinations and suppliers is incredibly crucial in this field.

Will I travel for free as a Travel Agent? I wish. But because I am asked often- no, you will not travel for free. If you see “free travel” used as a recruitment tool, run. I pay full price for my Walt Disney World Annual Pass each year. Any minimal travel benefits are earned through sales volume and hard work, and they should not be a consideration for choosing this career path.

What is like working in a Mom Approved Travel partnership?

Our Approach: Not all agencies are the same. I started Mom Approved Travel years ago with a vision of doing things a little differently, focusing on making sure busy Moms (and Dads) get a vacation too, so our approach and processes for our clients are a little different!

Our Partnerships: We are an EarMarked Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency and have earned this special designation because of our hardworking Mom Approved Travel Advisors. We are also a Universal U-Preferred Agency with Universal Resorts and have strong partnerships with most major cruise lines, tour operators, all-inclusives and more.

Our Culture:
We really are smaller on purpose, and really believe in QUALITY over Quantity when it comes to our Travel Advisor team- it is why we are particular who we invite to our table. Our Travel Agents are a close-knit team who all bring their unique talents to the table to help each other. We work differently, together on purpose. We support each other. We teach each other. We encourage each other. We truly care about our collective success and about people on our team. We have fun together. We cheer each other on. We win together. We have different strengths and talents which we share with each other. We all put in the work, and we rise together.

Our Fees: This is an independent contractor position, so you are responsible for providing your computer, phone etc. We do have a minimal and reasonable agency fee to cover the tools you will utilize, this is a customary practice for the industry and required as an Independent Contractor, but they are agency actual costs and no profit is made off of the agents by the agency on these monthly fees.

Our training: We do not charge for training. At Mom Approved Travel, our learning never stops. Yes, all of our Travel Advisors have completed the Disney College of Knowledge but they spend hours every week in continual education in internal agency workshops, supplier webinars and in business development. There are many opportunities to learn and grow if you put in the work to do so.

If I work with Mom Approved Travel, can I only sell Disney?

We specialize in Family Travel and maintain strong partnerships with many different suppliers, cruise lines and all-inclusive resorts. You can choose the vacations you wish to sell as a Travel Advisor. All of our Advisors sell Disney and Universal, and some choose to specialize in theme parks, but each Advisor chooses what they will sell. Our Advisors have a diverse portfolio of specializations, and we network together to best serve our clientele.

Where will I get my clientele and how will I be paid as a Travel Agent?

How much will you make as a Travel Agent? This is an Independent Contractor position, and your income is 100% commission based. The agency earns a commission for every traveled booking and there is a reasonable and mutually sustainable, competitive split between the Agency and the Agent. You will get out of it what YOU put into it. We do permit (and encourage) charging planning fees.

How am I paid? We utilize direct deposit to pay our Advisor commissions, on time and accurately.

Do you provide leads? We do have agency leads, and those are distributed based on the best interests of the client. You are responsible for finding your clientele, but chances are you know families in your circles looking to travel. It can take time to build up a referral network, but I can show you how to build your clientele with authentic means.

How do I know if Mom Approved Travel is the right place for me?

I’ve seen lists of “things to look for” in a Travel Agency for those looking to enter the field, and frankly most of those lists are written by folks with quantity over quality in mind. The truth is, agencies come in different business models and sizes. An agency isn’t “bad” because they are big or small. They are just different. Agencies vary greatly in support levels, commission levels, and culture. We may not be the right flavor of ice cream for you! But perhaps, we are exactly what you are looking for.

Mom Approved Travel is different on purpose. We are real. We are supportive. We are fun. We are fair. We work hard. I believe in leadership that speaks to an individual love language, not a general approach. I believe in personal responsibility and that you will get out of Mom Approved Travel what you put into it!

Would you like to become a Mom Approved Travel Advisor?

If you have reviewed the information about us, how we operate, you really like pink, and still want to work with us – Fill out our Travel Agent application HERE. We will review your application and reach out to you to chat further.

 – Christy Slavik –
Owner, Mom Approved Travel