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7 Quick Service Animal Kingdom Breakfast Options

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a park many Walt Disney World Resort Hotel families make a priority to utilize early entry access so they can experience Flight of Passage first thing in the morning, also known as “rope-dropping.” Whether you are a “rope-drop” family or not, you may feel you do not have time for a full breakfast at the resort in the morning before coming to the park. This means you are likely planning a granola bar or a banana at the resort before heading to the parks.

When on vacation at Walt Disney World, most people will burn more calories than they do at home. Chances are, you will find yourself hungry again early to mid-morning – enter second breakfast (and all the Hobbit fans rejoice)! We have found our own families, but also with years of assisting our MAT client families, ensuring your people are eating enough (and staying hydrated) will help keep them from being grumpy in the parks!

Whether you are seeking either your first or second breakfast, thankfully there are several quick service options available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There are breakfast options available from pastries to protein filled bites, so no matter what you are craving you’ll find something tasty to start your day.

Mom Approved Tip: if you are utilizing early entry or a general public rope-drop strategy, try to eat after you have experienced an attraction or two to take advantage of the shorter wait times first thing in the morning.

If you are utilizing a 2024 Disney Dining Plan, many of these items will qualify as snack credit options as well! Remember, you can nibble on breakfast in outdoor portions of a line queue, so you don’t need to decide to ride or be hungry! We are going to break down all the options to help you find the best option for your family to grab a quick breakfast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

Spinach Feta Egg Wrap and Coffee sitting on ledge at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Creature Comforts - Animal Kingdom's Starbucks location (Africa)

In the morning, the majority of the crowds will go left once they reach the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to get into queue lines for Flight of Passage or Kilimanjaro Safaris. On the way, one of the first quick service locations you will stumble on is Creature Comforts, Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Starbucks location.

The menu will have some of your typical Starbucks favorites, offering both sweet and savory breakfast options; but, there are Disney-exclusive items as well. Check out the full Creature Comforts menu here.

Mobile order is NOT available at this location, and the lines can take awhile. To avoid spending time standing in lines, we suggest visiting this location at least 30-60 minutes after general public park opening. This location is a great option for a later morning park arrival, and the perfect spot for your afternoon coffee fix!

Tamu Tamu building exterior in Animal Kingdom park

Tamu Tamu Refreshments (Africa)

If you are coming from the front of the park, you’ll find Tamu Tamu Refreshments on the right just after the bridge leading from Discovery Island.

Tamu Tamu offers a limited number of bakery items such as the classic Disney Colossal Mickey Cinnamon Roll, croissants, a fruit danish, muffins and a hot, protein option – the Sausage, Egg & Cheese biscuit. Brewed Joffrey’s coffee, hot cocoa, orange juice and soft drinks are also available. Check out the current Tamu Tamu Refreshments menu options here.

Mobile Order is not available at this location. There is limited courtyard seating available if you would like to sit and eat, or you can also sit in the nearby Dawa Bar seating area.

exterior shot of the quick service breakfast pickup window at Kusafiri coffee shop and bakery at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Kusafiri Bakery and Coffee Shop

If you want to eat in Africa, avoid Starbucks, and want a few more hot or protein options than Tamu Tamu offers, look for Kusafiri Bakery and Coffee Shop on your left, immediately after Tusker House!

Kusafiri has an Egg and Bacon Croissant Sandwich, Breakfast Totchos, Overnight Oats, and offers a limited bakery menu that includes the classic Disney Colossal Mickey Cinnamon Roll, croissants, and a fruit danish.  Brewed Joffrey’s coffee, an iced coffee option, hot cocoa, orange juice and soft drinks are also available. Check out the current Kusafiri Bakery and Coffee Shop menu options here.

Mobile Order is not available at this location. This is a walk-up window with plenty of spots to sit and eat in the nearby Dawa Bar seating area.

Isle of Java quick service ordering and pickup windows at Disney's Animal Kingdom park

Isle of Java (Discovery Island)

If you decided to go right at the Tree of Life instead, you’ll find the Isle of Java just past Flame Tree Barbecue. If you make it to Dinoland, you’ve gone too far.

Isle of Java offers the same Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit as Tamu Tamu, a chocolate twist and a cinnamon roll – but the cinnamon roll is NOT the same as Tamu Tamu and Kusafiri. The Colossal Frosted Cinnamon Roll is not Mickey shaped, but it is fluffy with a plethora of icing!

If you want to bend parenting rules a bit, you CAN have a Mickey Pretzel with cheese, or have an iconic Disney churro for breakfast here. And let’s be real, a churro with a little carton of milk (also sold here) is essentially a bowl of cereal on the run!

As far as morning beverages, you can get hot brewed Joffreys, espresso, Lattes, Cappuccinos, or you can drink Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew if you are into that kind of thing (this author is not, but I included it for the sake of the cold coffee drinkers). You can see the current Isle of Java menu here.

Mobile Order is not available yet at this location, but lines are not usually long. And they sell churros for breakfast, in case you forgot… win-win.

Yak and Yeti local food cafe sign in Animal Kingdom at Disney World

Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes (Asia)

If you are in the back of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in Asia, there are a few more options for breakfast available to you that differ from the options at the front of the park.

At the Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes, you can find a few breakfast bowl options, an Egg White English Muffin, Sausage Egg English Muffin, fruit salad and a yogurt parfait.

Here, there is also a kids menu, with a beloved pancake and sausage stick or French Toast option. You can find hot brewed coffee or bottled juices for your beverage options, but no iced coffee can be found here. See the current Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes menu here.

Mobile order is not available at Yak & Yeti Local Food cafes.

Pongu Pongu sign in Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pongu Pongu (Pandora)

If you ran to Pandora in the morning like many folks do, you will find a few items to nibble on after riding Flight of Passage.

Options are very limited here, but the signature menu item is the Pongu Lumpia. This pineapple-cream cheese spring roll can only be found here, and was the original snack offered when Pandora opened in 2017. Even if pineapple is NOT your favorite, it is worth a try.

Newer menu options include Marshall’s favorite Stuffed Pancake sandwich for a little protein, and a cinnamon roll (not Mickey shaped). No coffee is available at this location; but, soft drinks or a Mo’ara Margarita can help you start your day! See the current Pongu Pongu menu here.

Mobile ordering is not available at Pongu Pongu.

Zuri Sweets building exterior sign at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Traditional Breakfast alternatives

Personally, on days where I don’t want a savory option, I will enjoy a few non-traditional spots for a sweet “breakfast” option like Zuri’s Sweet Shop in Africa. Who says you can’t have a caramel apple for breakfast? They will cut it up for you too!

You will find fruit at nearly every ice cream cart as well. If you want to make some fun, magical memories, give your kiddo a Mickey Ice Cream Bar and a banana for breakfast! It’s essentially a deconstructed smoothie anyway…

It is worth noting, in Animal Kingdom, a few of the traditional “lunch” spots open at 10:30am. So if you aren’t super hungry, you can choose to eat an early lunch at Satuli Canteen or Flame Tree Barbecue instead of a late breakfast option as well.

Also, one of the most frequently asked questions we get about food in the parks, is “Can I bring in my own food at a Walt Disney World park?” Yes, you can absolutely bring in your own food into the park (including breakfast) – as long as it is shelf-stable, no glass, no alcohol (see here for full details)  but if you have a child who will eat a honey bun for breakfast, or will nibble on a ziploc bag of cheerios and a squeeze-pouch
of applesauce you can absolutely go that route too. Your Mom Approved Travel Advisor can walk you through ordering groceries for resort delivery.

No matter how you choose to fuel up and start your day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there are sweet and savory breakfast options for everyone!

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